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11-731 Jełmuń
Warmia Masuria province
In Jełmuń near Choszczewo there is a beautiful, reconstructed Manor, picturesque located in a park just at the shore of Jełmuń Lake. Manor on the hill, at the midpoint of the complex, between the park slope down towards the shores of the lake and the quadrilateral of the farmyard. The park maintained a wide viewing opening of the lake. In the XIX century, owned by the von Woisky Family and near the neighboring hill we can find a preserved ancestral graveyard. Founded following a rectangular plane, single storey, covered with a gable roof. The front elevation (facing the park and lake) is a projection of the three semicircular arches on the ground floor, topped with a triangular pediment, preceded by a semi-circular terrace. Elevation from the yard is much more modest. Since 2000, the mansion is privately owned.