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24-204 Wojciechów
Lublin Region
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Muzeum Kowalstwa
Muzeum Kowalstwa
There are not many museums as this one. The Smithery Museum collects the smith’s objects that show changeability and variation of regional forms in our country. They illustrate creative efforts of concrete smiths; the exhibits have characteristic workshop and decorative features. The museum consists of three parts: The first part includes a decoration of an old smithy with bellows, hearth, anvil and many tools used in wrestling with hard and ungrateful iron. The second part collects the objects that were made by the smith for the needs of farming: hoes, axes, old cart, wooden harrows, etc. The third part contains an exhibition of contemporary artistic products made by means of traditional smith’s techniques keeping the features of a region from which an individual smith came. The museum holdings are supplemented by the works made during the All-Polish Smith Meetings and All-Polish Smith Workshops organized by the Community Culture Centre in Wojciechów. This part includes about 900 exhibits of smith’s art.