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"Łętownia" Fort VIII was being erected from 1854 to 1855 as a heptagon artillery entrenchment No. 4. At present there is the museum exhibition with artefacts from the First World War. It was built between 1954-1955 the artillery entrenchment was modernized in 1878- the barracks, main shelter and crossheads. From 1881 to 1882, on the site of the entrenchment, a single earth bank artillery fort was built. In the neck part of the fort, the barracks were built, and in front of them, the main bunker stood with the ammunition dump. There were also artillery posts along the earth bank, which were separated with crossheads. Nearby the artillery posts, there were emergency shelters. The moat was defended by three caponiers and the neck part with posts behind the Carnot wall. Today, the Fort is open to the public, who may see the exhibition of the artefacts from the First World War and the exhibition of Przemyśl Fortress. The scenic overlooks are worth being visited to admire the beautiful landscape of the surrounding area. Various publications concerning the subject of fortifications are available to buy. We offer to organise recreational events in the fort area for companies and individual clients. Phone:+48 604 665 756