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ul. Zamkowa 5
25-009 Kielce Kielce
Świętokrzyskie Mountains (Holy Cross Mountains)
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Pałacyk Tomasza Zielińskiego w Kielcach
Pałacyk Tomasza Zielińskiego w Kielcach
Tomasz Zieliński Residence – build in 1846–58 by use of walls from the bishop’s utility buildings. In the middle of the XIX century it was the property of the head of county authority Tomasz Zieliński, who, during the years 1851–57, developed the Residence by a tower in Gothic Revical style, a hothouse and a donjon. The internal patio was a romantic park surrounded by a wall with the Plotkara-tower („Gossip Girl Tower”). Zieliński assembled in his residence a rich collection of paintings (more than 400 paintings, i.e. Canaletto, Cranach, Rubens, Michałowski),medals, armors and a wide book collection. After his death the collection got dissipated. At present, it is the House of Creative Arts. Near to the Tomasz Zieliński residence, at 3 Zamkowa street, there is the Museum of Martyrology of 1939–56. The buildings originate from the XVIII century and housed back-then the economical management office, stables and the bishop’s wagon. The high wall was erected in XIX century, after which the building became a prison. Since 1985, the palace is the seat of the House of Creative Arts. Under our protection we have painters from the Kielce region, man of letters, photographs, musicians etc. Our house is alive all the year round. Every month we present new painting, fine arts or photography exhibitions. We promote new artists of our region, invite famous artists, as well as people known from the first pages of newspapers from the field of culture, science, journalism etc. Every Sunday from May throughout October, in our garden reigns live music. Since November 2003, our House is the seat of the Świętokrzyski Miesięcznik Kulturalny "TERAZ" [Monthly Cultural Paper for the Świętokrzyskie Region]. Since the 30th May 2005 we host also the Gallery of Contemporary Sacral Arts "Dom Praczki", which was founded on initiative of Leszek Mądzik –an unique institution of this kind in Poland, and maybe even in the world. Besides the substantial program, we offer a nice cafe, great cuisine, guest rooms, and a beautiful garden located in the middle of the oldest municipal park in Poland.